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I think the 5970 has a more elegant design. This is my personal opinion, but it is worth mentioning. Yes, you heard me correctly. This is not to deny that I find the 2499, especially the first and the second series Arabic Index models, beautiful. Yes, I do. In my opinion, they are hotter than Ursula Andress in Dr. No rising from the sea. The 5970, in my opinion, is the perfect watch. It's balanced, it looks great, and most importantly, it's wearable. The lugs of this watch are flared and attenuated, with a Latin tempestuousness which reminds me of a perfect diamond-shaped woman calf. Its dial is a cynosure for design brilliance, with the most perfectly balanced perpetual calendar, chronograph and seconds track information.

You may not be aware that in 2001, Thierry Stern received the task of designing a perpetual calendar chronograph, to replace the 3970, which was designed by Stern's dad Philippe. Let's put this into context. Philippe Stern, one of the most influential watchmakers in Switzerland, is still alive today. He was behind the creation and establishment of Richard Mille Replica Museum, Plan-les-Ouates integrated manufacturing,swiss replica watches as well as the invention of Richard Mille Replica's patent annual calendar. Patek's drive into silicon components is also a result of his motivation. In an interview with Nick Foulkes, Thierry Stern said, "Looking forward, I can now see that this was my test in order to determine if I would be able to become an adult when it came down design at Patek." My father only gave me one instruction: "OK, make your choices." After much thought, Stern decided to design a timepiece that could be worn either by his father or himself.

The tachymeter is one of Patek's most distinctive features. It is a scale that is used to calculate the average speed for a distance predetermined, typically a kilometre. The chronograph's seconds hand shows the average speed over the distance of an object such as a car or horse. The first Richard Mille Replica chronograph perpetual calendar, the 1518 featured this scale around the dial's perimeter, giving it an aggressive, instrument like appearance.

The 2499 is the second most popular and iconic Patek perpetual chronograph. Its first two series continued to include the tachymeter, making them the most sought-after of this model. The 3970, designed by Philippe Stern, was 1.5mm smaller in diameter than the 2499. This was probably because, in the 1980s (it launched in 1986), the concept of miniaturising complications and small case sizes was in fashion. The 3970,Rolex GMT-Master II Replica and its split-second cousin the 5004, never had a tachymeter. This is not true of the dials on both watches that were made for rock star Eric Clapton. The dials have an Arabic index at 12 o'clock with sensuously applied dots for hour markers. They also feature a full seconds scale and a tachymetric tachymeter.